2 Parts Magic is a team of web site programmers.

We help start ups and successful Internet-based businesses build powerful-, highly usable-, browser-based- web applications.

We bake our web applications using ingredients like Ajax, Javascript, HTML5, server-side Java, databases and REST-ful APIs.

All our web application recipes include 2 parts of magic.  This special ingredient makes our web applications faster and more usable than anyone else's.  It makes our applications quicker (and more affordable) to build. We are the only programmers licensed to use our patent pending magic.  No other web developer can legally build a genuine 'works like magic' web site for you.

Delicious webapp recipe




Quick and easy database-backed web forms.

All things billing: invoices, receipts, statements, Paypal integration, credit card processor integration.

Dynamic HTML5 forms and pages that let users interact with your database in realtime.  Without lots of page reloads.  Using Javascript, event handling, Ajax, and server side code.

User signup and login systems.

Control panels for your Software as a Service (SaaS) web app.

Complex web ordering systems (made simple).

Text/HTML manipulation like our text 2 HTML online tool and API.

Software as a service applications (like our own http://zonomi.com; http://pingability.com; or http://bakop.com)

Have us build


We create hand-crafted web applications.  We build things like dynamic web pages and interactive forms.  We code using Ajax and Javascript and databases and server side code.

We don’t design logos for your stationary.  We do not assemble a website from an off-the-shelf eCommerce or CMS application. We do not focus on SEO or social marketing or ‘branding’.  We don’t do static websites like ‘brochure’ websites.

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Our clients are successful, customer-focused, Internet-centric businesses (or want to be).

We work with entrepreneurs, existing web-based businesses and web developers looking for some coding grunt to flesh out their clients’ websites.

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We care more about the challenge of implementing your application than the city you live in.

We are not a ‘local’ developer shop (unless you happen to be in Cambridge, New Zealand).

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We work with customers around the world.

We won’t wear out your office carpet and furniture with needless meetings and sales visits.

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Our tools are Java, MySQL and Linux.  These tools let us build reliable, complex applications quickly.

We don’t write in PHP or Ruby-on-rails.  We don’t have a beef with them.  We are just more capable using our own toolset.

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We use XHTML, CSS and Ajax to create dynamic-, easy-to-use-, standards compliant-websites.

We don’t create Flash apps or write desktop apps or code iOS apps.

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We have a small, easy-to-deal-with, technical team. Our guys focus on solving a customer’s problems.  We take away customers hassles and frustrations and looming deadlines and delight them with quality-built, incredible applications.

We don’t have multiple layers of analysts and account managers getting between your needs and a working solution.  We don’t have coders in a rush to turn out a substandard, unusable webapp.

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We care about usability. We strive to make our interfaces easy to use, intuitive and work exactly like the user would expect them to.

We hate webapps that are difficult to use.  They chew up our time, ratchet up our frustration levels, and end up doing unexpected things. We like simple, easy and predictable so much more.

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Nobody wants to know how sausages are made. Right? So why would you want to know how we make your code?
Well, our agile development processes reduce the risk inherent in delivering web apps.  It lets us quickly build highly useful and valuable webapps for our clients.
You always have access to the current development version of the app.  You get to see visible progress on daily/weekly basis rather than having to wait months.
We’ll use the phone, Skype, email, Google Docs and IM to figure out what you need us to do, and then focus on keeping out of your hair and getting the job done.
Not sure exactly how your app needs to work? Awesome! We can collaborate with you on the design.
We use agile development methods that promote teamwork, collaboration and flexibility.
We value close co-operation with our clients.  We welcome changes.
We delight our customers by rapidly delivering useful software.
Our processes

Our core technology:

Java 1.6+ Tomcat, Java Server Pages Mysql databases Dynamic pages (Ajax) XML, JSON, REST-ful APIs Linux servers (not Windows).

Libraries we use:

Atmosphere (WebSockets, Cometd) and DWR (direct web remoting) RestEasy (JAX-RS, REST-ful APIs) Client-side Prototype, jQuery


Our company http://rimuhosting.com has been hosting successful websites since 2003.  We have our own cloud server platform. And a team of incredibly great sys admins.

Our sysadmins can take the code we output and turn it into a reliable, backed-up, monitored, cosily-hosted application.

Our sysadmins can manage the day to day care and feeding of your application.  Making sure it is running reliably, smoothly and securely.

Hosting with powerful servers whether you want something cheap and reliable; or something that scales up and out as your site takes off.



We will take a pencil drawing of a page, a written description, 30 minutes of your time to talk about it then start delivering your application.

We can do HTML, CSS, form processing, database back-end.

Resulting app running on your own server, publicly accessible (if you want it to be).

Turnaround from concept to implementation often within the week.

Indicative Pricing:

USD 2700 per developer-week.

About USD 500 per page.

Typical projects start at about USD 3000.

Contact us with details about your project and we will prepare a quote.

All development services come with:

6 months’ hosting on your own server.

For more details, see our development agreement


Regular off-site backups.  Files and database.

Monitoring.  Disk space, web page responses, CPU utilization, application errors.

Alerting if anything goes wrong.

Application configuration versioning.

Indicative Pricing:

Setup from USD 500.

Hosting on your own Launchtime™ server from USD 30/month.

First line crisis response.  USD 90/month including one hour crisis response time.  Let us be paged first at 3AM and deal with the problem while you keep your beauty sleep (we’ll wake you up to if you really want to watch while we sort out the problem).


Hello. My name is:
, and my email is:
Here is a quick summary of what I need:

We will reply with some free implementation advice and if we are a good fit we will work on a proposal to get your app up and running.

Email us at questions at 2partsmagic.com.

Pick up the phone and call us on +64 7 823 7468.

Ask a quick question on our RimuHosting live chat page.

We can log into skype and have a chat, just let us know your skype id.

If you need to, we can complete an NDA with you. Just print, complete, scan and return our NDA form via email.

Engage with us


We are based in the middle of clean, green New Zealand’s dairy capital: the Waikato.

2 Parts Magic is a business unit within RimuHosting Ltd.  The RimuHosting Ltd ventures we have developed include:

  • LaunchtimeVPS: a dynamic VPS ordering system, VPS management control panel.
  • Pingability: a popular website check and alerting system launched in 2005.
  • Zonomi DNS management control panel.
  • Bakop (backup service) and 25Mail.st (email) service control panels.

Justin Justin. CSS guru.  Design legend.  Ex-brit.

Aaron Aaron. Designer extraordinare. Java-code barista.

Peter Peter. Java-code guru.  Beloved boss.  Writer of website content.